Video collaboration with youtuber – Perfect Continuous Eat有啖好食

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Tai Ting Food Co., Ltd. has recently partnered with four popular YouTubers from the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions to present a series of captivating videos about Taiwan Beer. Today, we’ll introduce you to our second collaborator, Perfect Continuous Eat, also known as “有啖好食.”

Here is the link to the collaboration video: Watch Here.

Perfect Continuous Eat’s YouTube channel has gained widespread popularity due to its unique exploration of cuisine and reviews. In this collaboration, they have brought us a video titled “愛文芒果大揭秘” (“Unveiling the Secrets of Taiwan Aiwen Mangoes”). Through a visit to a Taiwan Aiwen mango orchard, this video reveals the art of Aiwen mango cultivation and seamlessly brings out Taiwan Beer’s Mango Beer, creating a delightful synergy between the two.

In the video, the Perfect Continuous Eat team takes the audience on an exciting orchard tour, visiting a Taiwan Aiwen mango farm to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultivation process of this precious fruit. They vividly showcase the unique flavors and cultivation techniques of Aiwen mangoes, considering them one of Taiwan’s treasures.

Subsequently, the video shifts its focus to Taiwan Beer’s Mango Beer, a cleverly crafted beer that harmoniously combines the sweetness of mangoes with the refreshment of beer. The Perfect Continuous Eat team masterfully demonstrates the perfect harmony between these two elements, creating an intoxicating taste experience. Viewers not only get to savor the visual feast of delicious food but also hear the YouTubers’ genuine impressions and tasting experiences.

This collaboration not only highlights Taiwan Beer’s innovative spirit but also underscores Taiwan’s diverse culinary culture. By blending beer with insights into Aiwen mango cultivation, the video presents a perfect fusion of creativity and flavor, offering viewers a mouthwatering culinary journey.

Through this partnership with Perfect Continuous Eat, Tai Ting Food Co., Ltd. successfully connects the Taiwan Beer brand with the audience in the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. This captivating video not only showcases the unique appeal of Taiwan Beer but also presents the seamless integration of food and beer, sparking boundless imagination and taste experiences. This collaboration undoubtedly further enhances the visibility and influence of Taiwan Beer in the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, attracting more enthusiasts and aficionados of this exceptional Taiwanese Mango Beer.