Video collaboration with youtuber -草根貓Grassroots Cat



Tai Ting Food recently collaborated with four popular YouTubers in the Hong Kong and Taiwan region to create a series of exciting videos about Taiwan beer. Today, we’ll introduce the third partner in this collaboration, Grassroots Cat, whose Chinese name is “草根貓” .

You can watch the collaborative video here:

In this collaboration, Grassroots Cat took us on a unique supermarket exploration, with the goal of finding the best deals, as he guided his audience through Hong Kong’s local Chain Supermarket-家興. Grassroots Cat helped viewers pick out nostalgic snacks and choices for stocking up during typhoons. Through comparing the prices of various everyday staple foods, he also introduced a range of Taiwan beer products.

Grassroots Cat is known for his in-depth exploration of everyday life and products on her YouTube channel, making her a perfect fit for this collaboration. In the video, viewers will see Grassroots Cat meticulously inspect and compare different ingredients and beverages, including Taiwan beer. This approach provides valuable insights for the audience regarding the pricing and availability of Taiwan beer in the Hong Kong market.

Through this collaboration, we aim to introduce more viewers to the appeal of Taiwan beer and provide valuable purchasing information for consumers interested in trying Taiwan beer. Taiwan beer pairs well with a variety of cuisines, making it an ideal choice for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike.