TTL instant noodle Video collaboration with youtuber -草根貓Grassroots Cat

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Recently, TaiTing once again collaborated with the renowned YOUTUBER – Grassroots Cat, creating a new video together. This collaborative video, infused with the distinctive style of Grassroots Cat, takes viewers on a journey through various corners of Shenzhen Sam’s Club, discovering local specialties and seamlessly incorporating the delicious Taiwanese instant noodles into the experience.

Through Grassroots Cat’s video, we aim to seamlessly integrate the delectable instant noodles from TTL with the currently trending Shenzhen supermarket experience, showcasing the unique flavor of TTL instant noodles. In the video, viewers will witness Grassroots Cat personally trying various flavors of TTL instant noodles, sharing their evaluations and feelings, providing a fresh perspective for audiences to savor the deliciousness of Taiwanese instant noodles.

The collaborative video has already been released on Grassroots Cat’s YOUTUBE channel, generating widespread attention. You can find the link to the collaborative video here:

We look forward to using this collaboration as an opportunity to further promote Taiwanese culinary culture and to expand the presence of TTL instant noodles in the international market.