Video collaboration with youtuber- HOICHING愷晴

Tai Ting has recently collaborated with four popular YouTubers from the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions to create a series of exciting videos about Taiwan beer. Today, we would like to introduce our last partner— HOICHING愷晴.

Here is the link to the collaboration video: 🇹🇼來台灣必喝的飲料!香港都買得到啦🤤移民台灣港妹超推這個口味~ | 台灣啤酒 |

HOICHING愷晴 is a prominent YouTuber known for her active presence in the Hong Kong and Taiwan region. She holds the distinction of being the first YouTuber from Hong Kong to be invited to visit a Taiwan Beer factory. Through her visit to the Taichung Wurih Brewery, she takes us on a journey to explore the manufacturing process and unique features of Taiwan beer. This theme allows us to gain insight into the essence of beer-making and the diverse range of Taiwan beers available in major sales channels in Hong Kong.

In the video, HOICHING愷晴 showcases the distinctiveness of Taiwan beer, including its exquisite craftsmanship and unique Taiwanese flavors. She not only provides a behind-the-scenes look at the brewery but also delivers a lively and informative presentation of the beer production process. This in-depth exploration offers viewers a profound understanding of Taiwan beer and a greater appreciation for this exceptional beverage. HOICHING愷晴’s Brewery visit not only provides a captivating visual experience but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the charm of Taiwan beer. This collaboration further elevates the visibility and influence of Taiwan beer in the Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.